GTS-Glass Cleaner

Surfaces cleaner

Is a powerful streak-free glass cleaner and other reflective surfaces without chemical fumes, this Non-Ammonia, Non-Alcohol formula wipes away dust, dirt, fingerprints and many more marks on glass and most hard surfaces living them spotless and shiny without harming the environment. Patent No: U.S. 9,868,924

Industrial Applications

  • Cuts through grease, grime and window film without streaking
  • Multisurfaces
  • Janitorial
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Maintenance, repair and operations

Product Benefits

  • Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Non-Abrasive, Non-Caustic
  • Biodegradable
  • VOC compliant - Biological friendly
  • Contains no added fragrance
  • Reduces costs structures associated with maintenance
  • Safer for employees and assets
  • Reduces overall environmental impacts 
  • Contains safe chemicals that are not SARA 313, DOT, California Proposition 65 or CERCLA reportable
  • Complies with SCAQMD Rule 1171, 1122 and meet CARB Rule R2-31 (Solvent Cleaning and Degreasing)


1-gallon containers (8 minimum), 5-gallon containers, 55-gallon drums and totes.