Our Clients Speak

Gary Tietavainen, BP, HSE Specialist

"Our BP Carson Business Unit t has had several successful applications at our refinery through International Technologies and Services (ITS). 

It has proven to be a very versatile technology and some of these applications include: De-gassing and cleaning a Crude Oil tank, Cleaning a Sour Caustic tank Cleaning a large Wastewater tank with high oily sludge level, De-Oiling sludge in a main Slop Oil Tank Reducing oil contamination in soils, Lowering BTEX, levels in wastewater, Lowering LEL level allowing safe hot work."

Paul Acosta, BP

"It really is amazing how the product worked on this spill. I got the call about one of our tanks leaking on the 13th of October and applied the microbes that evening. When the plastic was put in place, our intention was to come back the next day to initiate the cleanup process. With all of the activities going on around the tank it was best to just leave the plastic down and monitor the area for VOC's. During all the activities there was a slight rain that came down so the microbes must have been real happy because as you can see from the before and after photos, when we removed the plastic on the 5 of Nov., there was virtually nothing left that needed to be cleaned up. What I am impressed with also is the fact that we had zero readings of VOC's once the product was applied."

Al Unzueta. Tesoro LAR PSC

 "My name is Al Unzuera a contractor in the petrochemical industry for approx. 30 years plus. While I was working for a tank cleaning company that had the contract with Shell refinery (Los Angeles) I had the opportunity to use the ITS technology represented by Ms. Pilar Ortega and had many success with the technology such as degassing (not having to open up the vessel), cleaning different type of service tanks reducing sludge and maintaining odors to the minimum because of the encapsulation benefits of the product. I feel that we save the refinery a substantial amount of money in disposal since the product prepared the sludge to be sent to the cooker without incidents. Today I represent PSC a tank cleaning company at the same refinery (Tesoro) and have had great successes cleaning tanks and helping Tesoro comply with the regulations during spills since this technology is well known by the SCAQMD. With PSC equipment and I.T.S. Technology I feel that we are able to tackle the upcoming issues from the regulatory agencies ".

Jeff Evans, AES Alamitos

"We would like to thank ITS Environmental for your services and providing us with your GTS-VOC Suppressant for the excavation of petroleum impacted soil under a former above ground Fuel Oil tank. Your product performed remarkably well and brought VOC levels down allowing for safe work to continue in the area, and below threshold limits for disposal. Your service was also very responsive; you were able to provide us with large volumes of product on very short notice and you were always available to consult with and answer questions.

Thank you for helping to make our project successful,"